Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Summeritis in the Fall?

Haven't written in a couple days. I sometimes get in a slump where I don't seem to have the motivation to do anything. All I want to do is sit around with a cup of tea or some orange juice and a book or watch a romantic comedy. That's how I've been feeling for the past couple days.

I would like to say that it's because I have to get back to my normal routine and out of the summer one, but I don't know.

I did receive an exciting phone call from the manager at Argo Tea located in the city asking me to come in for an interview tomorrow morning, so I'm hopeful. I have been looking for a second job for quite some time and am hoping my efforts will pay off. If not, I'm going to try my hardest not to get down on myself about it; I just need to keep trying.

Other than that, I'm going to go watch Friends reruns, they make me smile. :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

My weekend in pictures (with descriptions.)

Well I had a pretty great weekend. I got to see my niece Lily and have a goofy little photo shoot with her where the boyfriend was the photographer with his fancy Nikon camera.
 I also found a desktop organizer at a thrift store and decided to do spray paint it and make it mine.
Here's the before shot. Although I loved the original color and it was beautiful, the paint was chipping and needed some TLC.
Here's the after shot sitting on my desk. I need to clean up my desk, it's a mess. But anywho...
I like to make my meals look pretty before I eat. It kind of looks like it's smiling. I had peanut butter and jelly on rye, berry apple sauce, sliced apples and orange juice in a glass I bought at a thrift store for fifty cents. I love saving money and getting pretty things at the same time. :)

That's all for now!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bracelets Galore!

Although I have several months to prepare for my May 2012 art show, I have decided to create a new portion to my booth. While I will still be selling my art, illustrations, coloring books and travel mugs; I have decided to do something aimed towards the teens, something they might enjoy.

I am excited to state that I have taught myself how to read the appropriate tutorials, so for my next art show I will be selling bracelets made from embroidery floss as well. While it is something that many people can teach themselves and learn how to do, they may not have the patience.

In fact, I was working on one at work the other day while the kids watched a movie and my coworker stood over my shoulder saying, "I just don't know how you have the patience for that." Yes, there is a lot of work involved and it hurts my fingers after a bit, but it's so rewarding when I give someone a bracelet and they sit there and stare at it mesmerized by it.

These are the ones I'm working on right now. A lanyard with a zigzag pattern, two with a fun pattern that somehow incorporates a heart, a thick one with lots of detail and a Nikon bracelet for the boyfriend. (He's quite the Nikon fiend.)

Well back to work I go. 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Apartment Daydreaming

What a good day. I woke up and got to sit on my back porch and read and write for a little bit before showering and getting ready for work. At work, we did collages and I made a really cute owl. :) Came home, had dinner and now I am watching Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead and daydreaming about what I wish my future apartment to be.
I love the idea of a loft and this picture right here is just perfect. I would love to have a slide to get out of bed in the mornings. It would be pretty glorious. I'm just saying. :)
 I love large desks because I do a lot of 18x24 drawings which require a lot of space. And that chair looks mighty comfortable. Where better to sit while doing detailed work than in a comfortable and pretty chair like that?
I love love love open area concepts where the kitchen overlooks the living area. My ideal living area would be just that. I am a huge fan of the breakfast bar and the high ceilings and I love the chandelier and how behind the couch is the eating area. It's such a cute space.
My ideal outdoor area is so similar to this it's crazy. It's absolutely beautiful. I love everything about it. I love how the curtain acts as a door so that the outside area could be considered another room. I love the furniture and the floors and the rug. I want!

That's all for now! :)